Monday, October 3, 2016

Hey! This week went by suuuper fast, kinda crazy.

On Tuesday we had zone conference with Pres Li! He came with his new assistant who is ELDER DYE! (He is the Elder from Pleasant Grove who was assigned as Kaitlyn’s flight buddy in the seat next to her flying from SLC to Peru) kinda crazy cause we both just barely hit a year in the mish! But he’s gonna do super great! In the conference we learned about working together as a team and about the importance of family history!

That night, as we left to go visit a less active family it started POURING! It was so crazy! Our house flooded a little because all the water entered in through the windows. I love the rain here though cause its super pretty, but all our streets in this area are dirt.. So it was just straight mud. haha our pensionista gave me her husband’s rubber boots to use. They were huge but they did the trick(; That night we visited a less active family and helped them understand WHY we read the BOM. This family always gives us some weird type of food when we go to visit them. The time before they gave us Soro. I think that’s what it’s called. Some wild animal that eats chickens idk haha but it was super good!! Then this time they gave us cooked peanuts!

Thursday we visited a new investigator! Her name is Marilin and she lives on the first floor of our house. We showed her the video He Lives! Its super powerful and she said that she could feel the spirit while watching it. She actually asked for us to teach her! We were just walking by and she was like when are you guys gonna come and talk about cosas bonitas with me haha
Then we taught another less active who told us about a spiritual experience of what helped him and his wife gain a testimony of the church! He was already baptized but during this time his wife was just an investigator. Their son was super sick and even though they weren’t attending church he got the impression to ask for a priesthood blessing for his son from the elders! Well this day that his son received his blessing he was healed, and his wife decided to be baptized! Priesthood power is super cool (:

Friday was my favorite! In the morning we had a super sick service! We went to the Chacra (it’s like their farm land they have) of one of our converts Omnil and Marcia! It’s like 20 minutes away from our area and her land is just covered in mango trees! So we raked up all the leaves that were all over the ground and burned them! Then later that day I had a work visit with Fink! Hna Fink is from Arizona and she’s like my favorite haha super spunky and knows a ton about the doctrine so I always love talking to her about bible stories and stuff. But on our visit I got to see her investigator accept a baptism date!! It seriously strengthened my testimony lots, because they just testified to us how much the gospel had changed their lives! It’s a 19 year old girl and her mom, and the 19 year old has had lots of drug probs in the past 2 years, but she said that once she started receiving the missionaries she’s come to love herself and understand that she has a purpose and that Christ loves her and desires more from her. ahh so cool!

Then of course we had General conference this weekend! Literally all the missionaries just get super excited for conf. I absolutely loved Pres. Nelsons talk about joy and how our purpose is to have JOY in this life. But to have joy and be happy under every circumstance depends on our focus. Which should be on Christ and his teachings and the lord’s plan of happiness for us. I also really liked Elder Bednars talk about believing and Donald A Rasband’s about remembering spiritual experiences, because our mind quickly wants to forget. Oh and also K Brett Natress and his story that he told of being a little boy who didn’t want to listen.. idk I just really liked them all.

Love you guys! (:

Hermana Jackson

Our service project at the families mango tree farm.

With Hna Mora waiting before conference,

Before conference.

With Geysi (she is so cute)from our ward who leaves for her mission this week.

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