Monday, October 24, 2016

Still in Pucallpa

This week not a whole ton happened that I remember, but I try! haha we had a FHE on Monday and all the power went out right as we began to start!! there’s allllways power outages here it’s annoying. But we did the FHE with a bunch of flashlights so it was pretty cool! And the bishop ended up dropping by so he joined us too! We were with a convert family, Onil and his wife Marcia and they are going to the temple for the first time this week on Wednesday and are super excited!!

We finally got a date for Lorena and José!! They are going to be baptized the 12 of November!!! We are super excited for them!! But they gotta be more diligent because yesterday we visited them in the morning and they didnt even end up coming to church.. Ugh. so they gotta come si or si these next 2 weeks or their date will fall!

Also this week I did a change with Valazquez in her area! It was super cool cause we were able to do family history where we just go to the church and help members enter their FH in family search from 6 to 9!! It was super cool and I loved it! There was a lady who came whose name is Luz. She’s an elderly lady who, because of her health couldn’t attend church so they had to bring her the sacrament, but then she started putting in all of her efforts and she even bought a cane and started coming to the church and she feels a lot more blessed. IDK  it was just cool to hear her testimony.

Also something that really touched me this week was a youth video that I saw from the church. And the guy who was preparing to go on his mish said that in the final days when he meets his savior he wants to be able to say, look I gave you literally everything I got, just like you gave me everything you had. 
That’s definitely something that I want to be able to say too!!!

Then we did a service for an investigator of Valazquez’s. We cleaned up her back yard and burned a bunch of stuff haha but that family loves me. Haha they always ask me when I am going to come back and teach them haha

Anyways not much more to say for this week!!
 Love you guys!

Hermana Jackson

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