Saturday, October 1, 2016

Monday September 26, 2016

This week was so crazy! It went by super fast but there was like 54684231321 things that happened so I gotta tell you by days.

Monday for pday we were supposed to play games as a zone but it ended up raining suuuuper hard! So we just chilled in the mall all day and bought ice creams at this suuper good ice cream shop called Stefano’s, it’s like a tradition that if you’re in Pucallpa you gotta buy ice cream there on pdays. haha That night we taught our less active that we were able to rescue this week, her names Rosenda! She’s a super cute old lady who never wants to pray with us haha every time we ask her she’s like "no Hermanita I want to hear you pray and learn more" but then we insist and then she says the prayer and always tries to make it super pretty with like little rhymes and stuff haha 

Tuesday we had district meeting and we talked a lot about working with members! Elder Figueroa is our DL and he’s super cool! That night we taught the Family Allain and we explained the commandments to them! The law of chastity and the word of wisdom and Enrique said that there’s nothing holding him back from keeping the commandments but then he started to tell us about some crazy dreams that he’s been having lately!!! He said that in his dreams he sees Satan, but he doesn’t see him as an evil demon like you see in the movies, but as a handsome man with blue eyes, he said that Satan asks him why he is trying to repent and change his life and tells him that he can’t because he is his son and should follow him, and when the devil reaches out to grab Enrique in his dream he wakes up... super freaky. It goes to show just how much Satan did not want Enrique to follow Christ! but we finally got everything figured out and in the end he only needed an interview with our DL. He was super repentant. And about his dream, it really freaked out my comp but the next day she received a blessing and everything was all good.

Wednesday we had a mini change with Hermana Soto. I went to her area and we did service together! We went to a ladies house to wash her dog... oh my gosh this tiny little dog had like over one hundred BUGS that attach to your skin and eat your blood and they were all over her little body and in her ears and everything and we just had to take them off one by one with tweezers and it was so gross ugh.. but the work visit was cool!

Okay Thursday I completed a YEAR in the mish!!! So crazy that it’s been that long since I left! To celebrate a year in the mish I went to the clinic.. (: yayyyy haha but no worries I’m all good.  On this night we had the interviews for the family Allain for their baptism and everyone passed with flying colors!

Saturday was the craziest day. First of all in the morning I went to move a big mirror that we have sitting against the wall in our house and a huge tarantula type spider came crawling out from behind it and we tried to kill it but it was way to quick and it escaped into our bedroom and now we can’t find it.. So that’s fun for us. This day we just tried to get evvvverything ready for the baptism!!! It was 4:45 when we finally had everything ready and we decided to call the family to ask if they were already in the chapel or if they wanted to come with us. Enrique sounded super weird on the phone and said that they were still in their house so we told him that we would meet them there and go together. Well we got there and he immediately started asking me if we could postpone the date of his baptism.. Can’t tell you how much my heart dropped!!!! A bunch of things happened that morning that just made the family super stressed about their situation -  Enrique lost his job and they needed to pay their rent and he was saying that maybe they were going to live on their farm so it would be pointless to get baptized and blah blah blah just a TON of stuff. We literally sat in their little room for a whole hour, just telling him that he needed to trust in the Lord and the blessings would come. Feeling super frustrated I bore my testimony that I know the church is true, and Enrique told us that he also knows that its true but he just can’t think clearly with everything that’s happening around him so we decided to say a closing prayer. Enrique said it and after we all just sat in silence for a minute and then he said VAMOS. He said that during his prayer it was as if someone was saying "GO". Can’t tell you how much this strengthened my testimony of honest and true PRAYER. Well we got to the church an hour late but we were able to help a family of five make saving promises with the LORD(:

Love this gospel!! Love you guys!!

Hermana Jackson

Family Allain Baptism 

Elder Figueroa baptized Hna Allain and one of the daughters - 
The Bishop baptized Hno Allain & the other  two daughters.

Pday at the mall - Favorite mango juice and tiny cups :)

Still at the mall

Buddy from behind the mirror in our casa.

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  1. So . . . we're the parents of Elder Adams, who is also in the Iquitos mission. Our son was in Pucallpa a while ago, and send home a photo of that same type of spider that was hiding in his shower. I went a little crazy and posted the photo of the spider on several arachnid discussion boards, and a couple of spider experts gave us some details on that kind of spider. Apparently they are very fast, but pretty harmless to humans. (Except for being just ugly, nasty things!)

    We love your daughter's letters!

    Kim and Bryan Adams