Monday, October 10, 2016

Still in Pucallpa

Hey guys(: This week was cool cause we started it off trying to make strawberry cheesecake... haha it turned out pretty dang good not gonna lie. But other snacks that I ate this week were a lot sweeter!!! Shout out to Aunt Liz and Uncle Paul cause I can’t tell you how happy it made me to open their package and see those O’Henry bars hahaha,  me and my comp have already eaten like half of them(: love you guys so much! thanks a ton!

So changes were Monday and I’m still here with the same comp! Which means I’m gonna kill her haha she’s my fourth comp that I’ve killed in my mish, kinda crazy! but I’m pumped to have another change with her so we can find another family like Enrique and Leonor(: Speaking of those guys, they are SUPER converted! ahh its the coolest thing, they just feel and know that its true even though they are just starting to understand the gospel. BUT they left town until the end of October. Ugh. but they had to because they literally had no money at all.  So Enrique found a job like 4 hours away that he’s gonna work at until the end of the month and then they’ll come back to start their own business selling food in the calle! So Leonor went to her mom’s chacra to help her harvest her cocoa! But we keep in touch by calling so it’s all good!

This week Hermana Velazquez came and stayed with us for 3 days because Hna Fink is her comp and the new Hermana leader so she went to Iquitos for 3 days for the leader counsel. Velazquez is my fav. she’s seriously super cool and we get along suppper good. she’s from Vegas but her fams Mexican! So she’s gringa bamba haha. no but it was way cool to work with her because she gave me a lot of animos to keep working hard in my area but at the same time having fun.

What I really loved this week was seeing the conversion in one of our investigators! His name is José! I told you guys in one of my letters that he is super catholic but his son is on a mish in Lima. Ahhh I just love this guy because even though it’s hard for him to just drop all of his catholic beliefs he is truly doing everything he can to see if the church is true. HE READS THE BOOK OF MORMON EVERYDAY! And it’s so sick to see how much that has truly softened his heart. We brought a member to visit with him last night and we started talking about baptism and then ended up talking about the history of the church a little bit haha but while we were talking my heart just filled with joy... idk I can’t describe it but I just felt so completely happy and satisfied cause I know how amazingly true this church is and I just testified to José what I felt in this moment and that I knew that he could feel this joy too. Cause like we learned in conference, the gospel is JOY. But anyways we are trying to help him and his wife be baptized this 29 de octubre! 

Something super funny is that our pensionista Marvela has 2 kids and then her little nephew who is always over at their house. And these 3 little kids seriously always ATTACK ME haha. If they see us walking to their house they all start running together towards us and then just all latch onto me in a group up and WONT LET ME GO. And they call me their mom... hahahaha its super funny, they’re super crazy!

Thanks for all your love!!! And thanks Gma Neanie and Aunt Vicki for the letters!!!(:

Love you guys!!

Hermana Jackson

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