Monday, October 17, 2016

This is gonna be a short little guy this week!!!

This week we have just really been trying to work with Lorena and Jose! Jose told us that he knows that the CHURCH IS TRUE and that he wants a live in the celestial kingdom with his whole family(: but they have not committed to the date the 29 that we extended to them because he says that he wants his wife to also do her part and that she also receives a testimony that the church is true. We have been teaching them separate because Lorena has been working night shift and she leaves right when José gets home! But this week her schedule is normal and we will be able to teach them together! Its seriously so crazy cause José was the most devoted catholic ever haha and like the second visit he totally hid from us! haha but because they’ve been reading the BOM they’ve just completely softened their hearts and know that the gospel is true. loooooove seeing peoples conversions!

I think I told you we are teaching this little alcoholic named E… haha he is super cool but he likes to drink a lot and this week he missed church cause he went out to drink.. Ugh. But we did a service for him on Wednesday! We cut all of his grass with machetes’... it was the worst hahaha I had a huge blister on my hand by the end of the service!!! Poor Hermana Jackson I know(;

Yesterday at church, me and my comp gave talks and literally EVERYONE was sleeping!!! It was incredible!! I was like, what in the world I am just talking to myself right now. haha so that made us a little bummed cause the ward kind of stinks right now and people aren’t coming even though we visit a million less actives all week. 

But the upside is that I’m good and healthy. The most important thing is la salud..(health) that’s what all the Peruvians here say(;

haha love you!!!

Hermana Jackson

Goodbye to darling Hna Soto who I just love. She is from Chile.

Received Aunt Liz & Uncle Paul's Pkg.  Sooooo Happy! 

A sister from Cusco built her oven out of clay.

Our Pensionista's Children eating a kind of nut, that I can't remember its name.  But they
cook it first before eating it.

This is our house.  It's very nice and it even has a small kitchen area.
We each have our own bathroom too.

Looking into our bedroom.

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